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While speaking to area Boy Scout Troop 461 in Hinesville, Congressman Kingston was reunited with SFC Thomas Mitchem whom he met while on a security mission in Afghanistan. Kingston and Mitchem are pictured with SFC Mitchem’s son, Khameron, who will attend Georgia Tech in the fall.

Press Release
Congressman Kingston Calls for Senate Action on Border
August 1, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) issued the following statement applauding the passage of HR 5230, which included language from the Carter-Kingston-Aderholt Protection of Children Act: "This bill is a response that ensures national security, treats a humanitarian crisis, and applies American common sense. I encourage the Senate to quickly take up this bill because by treating all illegal migrants equally we can end the chaos and reassure the world that America's laws have meaning." On July 17, A... More
Press Release
Congressman Kingston Applauds Lawsuit to Protect Balance of Power
July 30, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) released the following statement upon the passage of H.Res. 964: "This is a positive step toward restoring our constitutional order and reigning in this out-of-control president. Since the Democratic Senate is unwilling to stand up for its Congressional authority, the House has been forced to act on its own to restore the balance of power in our federal government." H.Res. 964 authorizes a lawsuit against the president and other executive branch officials for act... More
Press Release
Congressman Kingston Seeks True Reform for Veterans Administration
July 30, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) released the following statement on the passage of the Conference Report to Accompany HR 3230, the Veterans' Access to Care Act: "We have already gone this route - this is throwing money at the problem and hiring more bureaucrats. We need structural changes, a purge of those who made this mess, and more choices for our veterans. Finally, the money was not offset, adding at least $10 billion to the deficit with $5 billion in phony pay-fors." Veterans Administratio... More
Press Release
Congressman Jack Kingston Responds to Halbig Decision
July 22, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) released the following statement on the Halbig v Burwell decision today: "This is one more example of Obamacare not working. Democrats rushed through this flawed legislation, and the administration has changed it 42 times while implementing it. There's no doubt there will be more lawsuits and more hardship for working Georgians. We need patient-centered healthcare reforms to cut premiums, increase choice, and give families choice." The 2010 Patient Protection and... More
Press Release
Congressman Kingston Sponsors Bill to Address Border Chaos
July 17, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) introduced a bill today to address the chaos at the border. He joined Congressmen John Carter (R-TX) and Robert Aderholt (R-AL) in sponsoring the Protection of Children Act of 2014. “This bill is a combination of ensuring our national security, providing a humanitarian response, and applying common sense. It will end the chaos by sending the signal that illegal aliens from other countries will be treated the same as those from Canada and Mexico,” said Congressman... More
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Kingston discusses a new Contract with America