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While speaking to area Boy Scout Troop 461 in Hinesville, Congressman Kingston was reunited with SFC Thomas Mitchem whom he met while on a security mission in Afghanistan. Kingston and Mitchem are pictured with SFC Mitchem’s son, Khameron, who will attend Georgia Tech in the fall.

Congressman Kingston: We Need to Develop American Energy
September 18, 2014
Today, I took to the House floor to discuss American energy independence and how government regulations and taxes are keeping us dependent on foreign oil. The bill passed by the House today, H.R. 2 - American Energy Solutions for Lower Costs and More American Jobs Act, would approve the Keystone XL Pipeline, institute a less burdensome regulatory structure, and help lower American families' energy bills. The United States Senate should take up these bills right away, not hit the campaign trail f... More
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Congressman Kingston Receives Awards
September 17, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (GA-01) received two awards today for his stellar voting record on protecting taxpayers and small business. Congressman Kingston received the National Taxpayer Union's Taxpayers' Friend Award and the National Federation of Independent Businesses' Guardian of Small Business Award. Upon receiving the honors, Kingston said, "It is my honor to represent the people of South Georgia and serve them in Washington. Elected leaders need to remember who sent us here, but more impo... More
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Kingston: "If We're Going to Fight This War...It Is Worth Winning"
September 17, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) took to the House floor to offer his support for the McKeon Amendment authorizing the training of moderate Syrian forces. Furthermore, Kingston called for a new authorization for the use of military force (AUMF) to combat ISIS, saying, "We should have a formal resolution. It would be good for the country; it would be good for Congress." Congressman Kingston is a senior member of the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. More
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Congressman Kingston Speaks on House Floor About Continuing Resolution Vote
September 16, 2014
Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) took to the House floor to discuss the President's plans to combat the Ebola virus in West Africa and the threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. On the Ebola virus and America's commitment to combat its spread: "We need to do this research" to find a vaccine. On McKeon Amendment: "Members do need to have a separate vote on this... It is far better-off to have a separate vote" On combating ISIS: "We do not need another half-pregnant war in the Middle East.... More
Congressman Kingston Urges Vote in Congress on Military Action Against ISIS
September 15, 2014
Following President Obama's speech to the country last week outlining his strategy for combating the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) has urged the Congress to take up the matter in a standalone vote. Article I of the Constitution provides that only Congress has the power "to declare war," and this Congress should do its duty to the American people. Since Thursday, Congressman Kingston has appeared on various national media outlets expressing his desire fo... More
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"How is it you're a member of Congress and haven't thought about #ISIS?" #gapol #gagop



Kingston: We Need to Develop American Energy